Roof Maintenance Tips

Inspect your Roof Regularly

Your roof is the first line of defence, protecting your home and contents from the elements year after year.

Roof problems can soon escalate, causing significant damage to property and possessions.

Roofs are commonly made either of cement tiles or slate in the UK, although some properties may also have thatched or shingle tile coverings.

Because damage can soon escalate, you should make roof repairs to minor damage as soon as you notice them. Your local roofer will usually inspect your roofing if asked and can then guide you as to any work that may be required.

soffit maintenance
Maintenance of Soffits is vital to your roof structure

Your roof has a tough life, protecting you from everything Mother Nature can throw at it, rain, snow, hail, sleet, freezing cold as well as searing hot sunshine.

Differing weather patterns put your roof under a lot of stresses.

Roofs expand and contract with the seasons and over time tiles and slates can crack, slip or break, allowing rain into your property.

In addition, animals often cause damage to roof spaces, which again can cause tiles and ridges to move, slip or be dislodged completely.

Stormy weather will soon blow loose slates and tiles off your roof, causing a danger to people below.

Something as simple as a missing or slipped tile can allow a strong wind to lift your roof into the street.

Cement flashing around brickwork and chimneys is susceptible to moisture which will soon cause damage once it is allowed to penetrate the cement. These are often the first areas of a roof to need maintenance.

Wooden fascias also need maintaining to stop them from rotting. That rot can soon spread to your roof trusses causing a more costly problem to repair.

Most homeowners never go near their roofs until they notice a problem. It is often the case that a little regular roof maintenance could save a large expense in the longer term.

Small levels of roof maintenance can protect you from large re-roofing bills later on. A well maintained roof will last for decades, a roof left to rot will cost you much more in the long term.

Regular annual inspections of your roof by a trusted roofing company will give you the protection your property needs and prepare you for the winter months.

Knowing that your home is secure and watertight will give you piece of mind during the harshest of the winter months.

Book your roof inspection today, go to for more details and get the advice you need.